Plotagraph+ Photo Animator App Reviews

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Love It ! One small Request!

Absolutely Amazing! But how about adding some extra features like for example the ability to add a snow effect (and other) onto a still image where we can control the speed, the size of the flakes, and the quantity? Some bonus features that I would gladly pay for, but would be amazing if free ;) ! Thanks!


Incredible, one of the most creative photo apps I have ever seen. Bring still photos to a new viewing level. Very short learning curve with endless creative ability. Your only problem will be your lack of creativity.

Cant download

Ive bought the app but cant download it on itunes.

Great app

Worth every dollar on it, it dose something amazing on photos ??

Thank you! Great to be able revisit the UNESCO Site!

Your app allowed me to reanimate pictures from a UNESCO site we visited several years ago. It was a very cold, windy day so we didn’t really get to spend much time. Just enough to take a picture or two. I was really upset when I realized I had left my video camera back on the ship but not willing to trek back (in the artic temps) to get it. The app has fixed that problem!! Thank you!! Great Idea Fun to use!!

Great Application

This has been super fun to bring my art pieces to life. It does exactly what I need it to do. It took me a couple hours for the learning curve then I was making professional quality animated projects. I love it!

Great Application

This has been super fun to learn how to animate meticulous details. I’ll be using all my free time to animate my recent art projects now.



The Real Deal!

I bought this, as I do all new apps claiming novel function, expecting little... because most disappoint. But this one is terrific! You have to watch the tutorial videos and spend a few minutes preparing a suitable photo. But, then, it works!! This developer has married a nearly automatic masking tool with intuitive animation cues and anchor points. Really impressed!

Incredibly flexible and fun!!

I am a graphic designer and was instantly wowed by the ease of the interface! Easy and very fun! Im getting much better results in just a weeks’ use!! Love it! Come on Pro version!!!

What An Amazing App! Buy it ?????

What an amazing app lol ????. When I first. Opened it, I thought it was gonna be hard to use. It was easy and the samples help very much. I used to use a program that does the same thing but this is over the top. Keep on making it better so you continue to get more customers. Don’t give up on it to start a new version. Everyone should buy this. It’s amazing ??????

Endless creativity bringing photos to life!

Apple’s Pencil + iPad Pro = Creative bliss for any photographer looking to bring a little motion to their photography. As a professional photographer, I can say this has really stimulated my audience and their engagement with my pictures. Feature requests to the Developers: Projects can be synced to the iCloud so hard work can be shared across devices. Ability to add sound effects! Would be great if they could team up with stock sound archives some free some for purchase. Would love the ability to add wind, birds, running water to scenes. Great app, look forward to seeing it grow! Scott Slone @scottslone everywhere else.

What no 4:5 instagram support ?

This app is really neat but I just exported a portrait oriented photo using the Instagram preset and was really disappointed that it was cropped pretty badly when I posted it to Instagram. Fix that and 5 stars.

Don’t try anything too intricate

Nice app when it works. If you try to animate an image with a lot of detailed masking and animation points (images that require hours of masking) the app reaches a point where it becomes unusable due to nonstop crashing. This is on an iPhone 8 with 50gbs of free space. I’ve tried rebooting many times as the support has suggested - doesn’t help. Good for simple images and animations.

Love it

At first it kept crashing but I had too many things going on in the pic I deleted all the animation marks I made and made it more simple and it works great. Keep it simple

GOOD- but

The capabilities of this app are incredible, I found the editing to be easy and user friendly. The exported file looks great in my camera roll, but when I upload the file to Instagram it significantly loses quality and becomes blurry, so much so I deleted the post. Would love for this to be resolved so I can share the content I’m creating!

Best New App

Thought that I was going to be wasting money on another cool looking app that didn’t work but Boy was I wrong. This app is easy to use and absolutely amazing. Best App this year!

4 stars, almost 5

4 stars because the app does not ask if I allow the access to my photos. You download the app and instantly it has access to the photos. Please dont say you do like on the other comments because YOU DON’T. Otherwise, the app is great.

Love it! ❤️

I love playing with the app ever since I downloaded it! Great job! Suggestion: there should be a timeline to start animating part by part of the photo


All they do is over charge and take other peoples ideas.

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