Plotagraph+ Photo Animator App Reviews

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Must have!

I tend to be traditional photographer I don’t want to edit or manipulate photos on a phone or my iPad Pro. That being said I love this app. It is incredibly easy to use. I created my first Plotagraph image in under five minutes after downloading the app. Simply awesome.


I paid $4.99 for this app and can not get it to do anything I want. Really disappointed.

Mask Feathers

The app is nice in general I wish if they can add Mask Feathers


Awesome application ever

Pretty quick to learn and works well.

I watched a quick YouTube tutorial from Trey and downloaded the app and was working it within minutes. Very intuitive, still figuring things out. It would be terrific if I was able to feather the mask, so I don’t have hard lines of motion and no motion in some cases. Love the app!

Please add filters and animations stickers

Hi Please add filters and animations stickers Thanks

Good app

Love the app and think the concept is really cool. However, when I try to edit photos to add animation, sometimes it freezes parts of the image and doesnt allow animation in certain parts. This is especially true around edges of a photo, Ive noticed the right side in particular. This issue continues after restarting the app and removing and readding. Wish it would work well consistently

Didnt download

I purchased this and it didnt download onto my iPad! I paid an so far have nothing to show for it except a waiting icon!

The Cats Meow Mix

I found it interesting that my review seemed to have been DELETED! This program does what it says it will do... but I’ve found that the support email address is INVALID. This is a lot better review than I gave and had been given more stars too. I gave it more stars because I do like this program so much. If you need to cancel a subscription... it will most likely be a problem. I have never had the program crash and use it all the time and it’s great with Apple Pencil. Having Apple Pencil really helps. I joined the Facebook group for this group and people’s work is just GREAT!!! I recommend joining that group if you haven’t yet... you must see their work. My original review was under @The LionessCutie. I still use this. =^..^=


Paid app will no longer update. iTunes reports err=404. Delated app and tried to download again but same error. Colleagues all have same problem for over a week. It has been reported by others so come on Plotograph Inc, fix it or get on to Apple if necessary. You cannot have this happen to new app when you are trying to make an impression.

Unlocked opportunities!

This app is great! Im looking forward to learning how to integrate this into enterprise marketing. Its eye catching, and if done well, elegant. Any updates as to where on the roadmap adding "feathering" to masks to blend the effects will be? Either way, thanks for the hard work! Looks great guy. UI is also easy to navigate.


Yes this is a great app and it does what it says it’s supposed to do... that is the good news. The bad news?.. DON’T GO PRO!!! Need help with the subscriptions???? FORGET IT!!!!!! First... their support e mail??? IT’S INVALID!!!!! Leave a message?.. NOT LIKELY!!!!! Not when every time you try to even think of even leaving a message the first thing you are going to see is that THERE IS NO ONE AVAILABLE and they will get back to you LATER! (That is on their site by the way.) Try and call?... POSSIBLY.... Answering machine. Let’s see if their billing email is VALID... IS THAT VALID???? Make surE when you try to cancel your subscription... IT IS CANCELLED!!!! Other than THOSE THINGS...IT’S A GREAT PROGRAM.

Plaese add stickers and animations

Please add stickers and animations to app And the ability to rotate in directions

Plaese add stickers

Please add stickers to app And the ability to rotate in directions


This app is amazing!!! I’ve gotten so much feedback on how did I do this and how cool the photos are when they come to life. Why the 4 stars? Well the only thing that I wish I could do is the movement vector points are straight. I wish there was an option to curve them. Maybe adding a spin on some photos. Like a bike sitting still but the wheels moving... just a thought.


3 ⭐️ I already pay monthly for Pro on my Macbook - and i hesitated to pay $5 for an app i already pay for monthly ( please consider us PRO subscribers ) Recently acquiring a 7+ i thought i would pull the trigger - the app is great! I dont regret the purchase, just wish pro subscribers would get the app automatically ??✨

STILL Unable to download latest verrsion - get 404

Thanks for your email. Restrictions in my iDevices is not an issue (I can download it on my iPad) however, Im unable to download it on my iMac - it wont download into my iTunes library (I have not updated iTunes so I can still use it that way). Thx. PS - no support except in the FB group?.

Pro App, great value but....

why limit the GIF export to 600px? Let users export larger GIFs in the next update please.

Unable to download

App purchased but unable to download

Great the 5 minutes it worked!

Won’t work, crashes every time I try to “play” a pic. Did I mention; EVERY time?? I can do anything with the app I want, except enjoy it...???? #epicfail #pleasefixit

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