Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina

Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina


Efekty jakie można stworzyć dzięki tej aplikacji są naprawdę niesamowite, nie żałuję, że ją kupiłam, bardzo prosta w obsłudze, już po 5 minutach można samodzielnie tworzyć przepiękne animacje ❤️

Pure Scam

Was great. Became a scam.

Bought this a while ago

Now i have to pay more money to use this. What a waste of time.

Not Interested In Renting Apps

Exports Completely hobbled by watermark unless you pay a monthly subscription. I’m curious as to what sort of person needs to make artsy animated GIFs often enough that spending $5/month sounds like a good deal... Deleted.

Best Photo App Ever!!!!

I mean seriously...who else does this?! So much fun doodling with all my cam roll pics on a sleepless night. Fun! Fun!!


Night view

Love it!

Nice app for animating photos! Request: If possible, can you add the possibility of animating an object within a picture (e.g. encircling an object with anchors), so that you can make an object go from small to large or move from one section of the picture to another?

Quality issues instagram

When I export it to phone camera roll it looks perfect. But when it's uploaded to instgram quality lost is huge....☹️

Dreams Imagined in Motion

In conjunction with other apps, this app will only help to streamline my creativity!

Next Level

Takes a photo worth looking and turns it into something to stare at and play again and again

Very slowly even on iPhone X

Completely disappointed with the new version. Please go back to the old style. The new version is very slow, buggy, with unnecessary animations at the startup. What has been the logic behind this preview when one runs the app???


For magnifier, which was very much needed!

Just delete it

App bait and switch under FALSE PRETENSES. Update merely labelled "bug fixes" replaced app with new app w/ subscription and other undesirable features. Many were hoodwinked. This is bad behavior and not accidental. Friends, don't just complain. These people did something wrong and are never going to give you back what they connived from you. Make your fed-upness with this kind of behavior make a difference -- leave a review of your dissatisfaction and DELETE the app. I assure you, your upsettedness will not matter to them if you stick with them anyway. DELETE.

Freezing after 2-3 time opening the app

Basically this is an excellent app with unique abilities, BUT in my iPhone x, it freezes after 2 or three times opening the app and it wont get fixed unless reinstalling. However, the problem happens again even with reinstalling after using few times. Please fix it immediately

Bug Fixed


Correct Working

Thanks For Support 🤟🏻



Amazing & innovative

This technology brings my photography to another level. Bravo to the designer👏🏻

Best fun

Thanks for resolve last problem in the new version ♥️♥️


Paid $5 to remove the watermark less than a month ago. Now they’re bringing the watermark back and asking for more money to remove AGAIN? I’m out. Too bad, it was fun while it very briefly lasted. UPDATED: Thank you for the response and the new update.

Great app with a helpful team

They released a new feature packed update. Anyone who bought this app before version 2.0 will be happy to know you can still export your creations without a watermark (make sure you installed the latest version of the app). You can really create some amazing artwork with this app! Doesn’t require much effort either. The new overlays allow you to add some amazing professional touches with the touch of a button. It’s worth the subscription for the extra features. Hopefully they keep adding new overlays over time. Great app for creativity.


The app was great when it first came out. Now, it’s annoying to navigate. The effects become an afterthought. Just another effects app that wants to be a social media app.. 👎🏼 Edit - I removed my prior complaint about the watermark since it works fine now but the above point still stands. I always eventually delete apps that go the subscription/social media route. I just want to make pretty pics and vids!

Great App BUT

Plotagraph is a lot of fun and has cool things to mess with but for some reason when i upload them to Instagram my image seems blurry ? Is there a way I can fix that ??



Great app, but not a fan on paying ➡️monthly⬅️on FX

I love this, great work on it. I use it frequently but now it has this FX feature that I’m willing to pay to get all of it. But I don’t want to pay monthly it’s like another bill that I have to add onto my existing bills. It’s a turn off for me. I just want to pay one time and that’s it. This monthly thing just doesn’t flow right with me. Now I’m look to find other app that has free or 1 time payment for this feature. So that’s the only downfall to this app in my opinion thank you.


It is such an amazing app... I’m hoping for a dummies book for it. Haha. There is so much to do. It’s incredible.

The update was a downgrade

The app was awesome at the past when it had a minimalistic design, now is bigger and awful

New Plotagraph

Really sorry to see the demise of the old Plotagraph. I paid a reasonable $5 for the app and made cool images. Now I get a new version that pastes a massive Plotagraph logo on my exports, is not easy to navigate and has excessive monthly subscription fees. Underwhelmed...


I updated the app and all good again, thank you!


Great results and easy to use

Things are better

I am revising my review as the developers have removed the logo from those of us who were early adopters. It would have been nice to be fully grandfathered in, but you can’t have everything.

Good app but question

How do I get rid of the Watermark?!


What a gem. First impressions are great. I will check back later when I have more experience with it.

good app but

i have problem in video adds i can’t add any video on photo like coffee smoke, my iphone 5s

Latest update...

Subscription? Really? Sorry mate! I'm not buying it.

Recent update. Feb 2018

UODATE: The developers responded to my question and fixed a glitch that was adding a watermark to users that had already purchased the old version. Thanks! This app is great and a fun way to animate pics! ——————————— It looks like the developers just added a watermark unless you pay more money. Not sure if this is just a glitch but I won’t be paying another fee after already paying for the original app. This seems like a scam. Developers, am I reading this incorrectly?

only black screen

ipad air 2. ios 11.2.5 I open this app ,only black screen.

Sweet and fun

Ive loved plotagraph for ios for what seems like a year or so and it is great and something I enjoy very much. I was sent a beta program for the new social media platforms and in-app purchases one month prior to release. I dont like, as another reviewer stated, those of us who bought the program prior to the interfaces merging shouldn't have to pay monthly to maintain without watermarks. Minus one. Go through 3-4 charge cycles daily on my phone playing with this. 😁

Unacceptable launch flaws.

Can't even use this app once without launching it the second time to completely unresponsive screen and no ability to do anything unless reinstalled. Bad release from an app that wasn't free to this create your account crappiness that has created too many problems for something unpolished.


The latest upgrade “forgot” to mention that now it adds a huge watermark to your projects. Disappointed. Update: thanks for removing the watermark in a newer update. I had given up the app. Now I’m using it again.

The new update

The new version not working properly always stack


I bought the app and was able to make plotographs without a watermark. With the latest update however they want me to pay again to remove the watermark. This is ridiculous! Please fix. Update. The app has been updated and the watermark has been removed if you previously paid for the app. Thanks for resolving this issue quickly.

Last update

Your subscription model forced on us is ridiculous. I already paid for the software. I regret updating with your "bug fixes" posting.

Inspires creativity!

This app does wonders. Support its creators. I don’t know them btw.


I bought the app & then it changed to having to have a monthly subscription fee. Floment was only $2.99, no subscription fees. I highly recommend Floment, simple to use. I'll stick with them. It's too bad y'all became stingy, money hungry developers & didn't think of your former customers before they had to purchase another app. If you want a better review, refund my $4.99.

Better before the recent update

The newest update added many useless “paid” add ons. I paid $5 for this app several months ago; at the time it was a great app. Now it is full of bloat, asking to create an account, as well as adding a watermark to photos that are created, unless you want to pay a monthly. The developers have replied to my review, and with the now latest update, have fixed the watermark issue. Thank you developers for the rapid reply, I have granted more stars.

Way to treat people who’ve already paid

So you make us pay for the app, then apply an update that forces us to pay more, or have an ugly watermark across it? Gee thanks. **Update fixed watermark. I’m not worried about effects, as that wasn’t part of the app when I originally paid for it.

Italianos jeanswear

Excelente aplicación para publicar

They got Greedy 👎

Awesome app I paid $5 for the full version. Now this last update dropped a watermark on every one you make, which you have to buy a subscription service to remove it. Greed. Greed. Greed. Dropped for 5 stars to 2 stars for me. Boo. *Updated* They fixed the watermark issue! It’s now back to a 5 Star app for me, thanks for listening to the people!

Creativity Level: High

Questionable update made me rethink this app... although it seems to be working as intended again 👍🏼 On that note.. this app gives me a creative edge on social media. If you really understand motion - you can do some magical things with this app - check it out.

Update adds watermark, lame.

I paid for this app already now with new update i have to pay to remove the water added by the new update!! Must fix **update** contacted by developers and watermark fixed for those who purchased app before subscription service. Thanks

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