Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina

Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina


Efekty jakie można stworzyć dzięki tej aplikacji są naprawdę niesamowite, nie żałuję, że ją kupiłam, bardzo prosta w obsłudze, już po 5 minutach można samodzielnie tworzyć przepiękne animacje ❤️

Too expensive

This app would be great as a one time purchase but I’d never pay a monthly fee for it

This can change to 5 stars...

I love the app! It’s awesome! One of the best! I like it so much, that I am willing to pay the sub o five bucks a month! Why not 5 stars then? I’m glad you asked. I give it 1 star because even though I am subscribed, it pesters me to upgrade to a paid level. I am already on the monthly level, and the app even lets me know that when I hit the upgrade button, but somehow it’s not recognizing the fact that I’m already a paying subscriber. Please fix this! Until then, I’m hold the other 4 stars hostage.


Love it! Can’t wait to create more and more with the app!

Love love love this app but question?

I followed the unlock all features option and saw the PLOTAVERSE website link. I then visited the link on my desktop. I opted to pay 99.99 for a year. Upon using the interface I saw an option of Pro plus. What would that be. Also, since I e paid the 99 yearly fee does that also unlock the FX’s for the app through the Apple store on my iPad? It doesn’t seem to even though I’m logged in to my same account on both?

Fix my subscription please!

After the free week trial, I wasn’t given the option to choose what type of subscription I wanted, but it automatically renewed me on the monthly plan. I would never ever choose to pay that way, I wanted the yearly plan. It costs more to pay monthly, and this is an unfair way to treat new buyers. I suggest if you want people to be happy you actually LET them choose for themselves how they wish to pay for this app. I also see that other users seem to have many more features, like the ability to morph pictures, where exactly is that feature? For now I will be satisfied if you please fix my subscription to Yearly and not Monthly. The app itself is great and very easy to use. I also love the filters, and to be truthful it was the filters that finally convinced me that I had to have this app.


This is the first time I rate an app with 5 stars! It’s really amazing 😍

Fun but subscription issues

This is a fun app, but it’s difficult to get them to stop charging you if you want to quit. Never again will I fall for the 3 day trial. I was charged right away! No option place after 3 days to cancel! Very hard to get ahold of someone! Buyer beware!


I have had plotagraph pro since long before the app was available. Even did some beta testing, pre release. Love the app but dang... I really don’t want to pay more money to access everything I already can on my computer!!! T. Please help!

Getting expensive

Used to be amazing... now it’s very expensive..


So cool I like it so much

Holy 54it

This is an awesome app!

Thank you for the separation

I did like the photograph. I did not like the heavy hand on being more or less given no choice on PLOTAVERSE. I am not interested in apps that require a subscription. However just to be clear I would gladly pay a $1 for every upgrade. I,would gladly pay the price over again as what happened when iOS 11 knocked out all those old apps. I am happy to pay for new features that I want, not "thrilling extras" I didn’t want the app overly complicated with but I think the App Store can do without. So thanks for giving me back what I pad for. You see I also raised the stars.

Photo sharing

The app is great but it won’t let me share it to my IG or FB is there anyway this can be fix?

Love the App

I’ve worked through over 300 projects on my phone, pad and Mac. New animations are added regularly and I am constantly inspired. I had some issues when I first started. Most of my problems came from unfamiliarity with the app. More tutorials would help and I have been told they are coming. For the phone and pad app I would like there to be a pull-up panel selection for effects instead of the single row of effect thumbnails. It will be fun to experience the ongoing evolution of the Plotaverse software. Great app and wonderful community of artists.


Hard to use, expensive to use it to best ability

Click bait

You can only use it if you purchase it. Downloaded this after seeing from some ones pic in Instagram. They say it’s free app, but you can use it only if you purchase it. Doesn’t look worth. Don’t waste your time.


this is a really good app,the best out there with really great graphic effects.

Don't update! They added a terrible subscription.

This should be a pay once to get everything like it was before. Now it runs on a poor subscription plan that locks you out of the content that was previously purchased. People who already paid for it got screwed, so if you bought the old version, don't update! The developer is obviously just thirsty for money. They even make up ridiculous excuses to negative reviews. They should have made separate apps instead of robbing the people who had already purchased.

I would rather buy app not monthly charges

It’s great but don’t like monthly charge. Also the free download does nothing

Pretty good

It’s a pretty good app but sometimes it’s a little jittery. Other than that it does what it’s made to do and it does it well.

Not worth it

I love this app and the editing part. When I try to upload it in Instagram, the quality is trash and it crashes.

Great app

I use this to help brand my business and it is simply amazing!

Great app if you want to make awesome photos come to life!

I don’t own a computer with a lot of processing power and can’t afford the expensive photoshop programs. The FX Overlays are beautifully detailed and really incredible. The Animate feature which is this programs shinning star is amazing. You select portions you want to flow and spot you want to stay still. This really brings the photos to life and make you wonder if it’s a video or animated photo. They do daily contest for members to enter, & almost daily add new overlays. If you want to see some examples check out my INSTAGRAM PAGE @seanscythe and View some of the animations I’ve made. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Excelente para eso tiempos de receso que siempre hace falta una herramienta y aplicación muy entretenida 🙌🏻👏🏼👍👍


Hey it keeps crashing and I can’t do anything. Please fix this I really like the app

Ridiculous support team.

I supported PLOTAVERSE before it became big and paid for the app BEFORE it became a subscription. I saw the support team respond to others who experienced the same — to contact them, to get the app back. I did the same and through speaking to 2-3 different people, they keep telling me about their new overlay trial. While completely ignoring my problem. Why the hell do I have to pay a subscription when I paid for the full app before it became a subscription???? Total bs developer.


No indication on how to use it ..just for you to upgrade and pay money

Much Better Now

They fixed the problem after the screwed it up. Now it behaves as it was before. No more annoying button to join their new program.

Love this app

Wish you would include the ability to add layers. But other than that,this is a fun app


It’s pretty decent but I’m not in favor for being charged more for features I don’t want. I like the main feature but I want ways to work on other details instead of these cheap Snapchat style filters. I want to control more detail and make my pictures look more surreal and trippy looking instead of these features I don’t like. I’m sorry I’m not bashing because if I got features I can try and like I’d buy

Would like to cancel

Tired of getting billed monthly for a service I don’t use. The app is ok, just not for me, but they make it almost impossible to cancel your subscription


Love this app.....

New review - again

New review as of April 14, 2018 The developers removed the “try me for free” button and as promised I have changed my star review. Thank you developers I really don’t have much else to say as I still am not into these monthly subscription apps AT ALL and purposefully avoid them. The switch bait after my purchase just pisses me off. I appreciate the developers response. I’m very aware that you added things for a subscription base or a la carte buying of filters and overlays. What I don’t appreciate is the format changing to such an extreme and the other things I mentioned earlier. I’m not afraid of change or growth, I just have a disdain when what I bought changes to something that thinks I’m an ATM - I will change my review when the button goes and the app seems more focused on creative side (its original intent I had presumed) and less on the subscription side. This app which I initially loved has become something that annoys me to no end. I paid for this app PRIOR to the Platoverse or whatever they call it. And now if I want the app to not have “try me for free” banner at the bottom of the screen I would need to pay for a subscription?!? BS - this is greedy crap. I paid for this app already and should have to deal with a banner in my workspace. I avoid apps like this one has become because it encroaches on my creative flow as well as wanting cash consistently from my wallet. I regret ever giving my you my money and I also regret referring this app to my friends and creative colleagues. If I could give this zero stars I would.

Where is the money i paid?

I paid $ 4.99 and used the App only once and when I wanted to use it again I was asked to pay the amount again. Where is the money i paid?

Customers more valuable than money

Some customers already paid the 5$ for the first app, so why you didn’t include them with the new version? The idea of the app was so good until they changed it to the new version.

Beautiful app

I’ve been using this app to create my cinemagraphs for about 3 months now, and it has been amazing. Definitely an app that’s overlooked far too much. I would love to do business for this company one day. Check out some of my work @itsprobablyphotography on Instagram.

Bad app

Saves your money and time. Greedy people

My $$ was evidently wasted

I bought the app a few months back and had a blast using it. It’s a fun app, but not one worthy of sinking a huge investment. I thought the original fee was reasonable for what it delivered, and then I get the latest update where my paid app is now asking for money and allows me to “try for free” what I had already paid for. I won’t be supporting these guys anymore.

Looking for money

I originally bought this app around 3 months ago for $5 and with it came the features. But now it is free and you need to pay a fee to use it?! I basically paid $5 for an app that requires you to pay even more money once you get on it. And it doesn’t even look that good when u use it.):

Stupid Logo

My friend gift me this app. Plotagraph was cool but new plotaverse looks like machine who wants only money. Stupid effects everywhere I see buy subscription. It’s annoyingly. Interface look terrible. How delete logo?

Fabulous but expensive

Unbelievable app I love it so much all the pictures comes to life but the only thing is disturbing is very expensive 😔

Big fail!

Just noticed I was charged five dollars after the upgrade. Something I never authorized and I feel was a sneaky practice by the developers. Consider this app deleted and good luck with your overpriced app.

It was wonderful

But then, you decided to change a charming app into a sign up and complicate everything model. Congratulations, I’m deleting this app. Other Cinemagraph apps have done similarly, I erased them too. Wonderful apps removed or reduced, made complicated, cluttered and made less accessible. Pfff.


Love this App. Very much:)

If something is not broken don’t mess with it.

I had a lot of fun with the bought and paid for plotagraph app...Now you have imposed a monthly subscription fee...I am skilled enough to create actual time lapse’s So I’ll be deleting your new app...

But if a scam

Cool app with cool effects however be warned that the second you download it even if you don’t open the app you are automatically enrolled in a free 3 day trial then billed $4.99 a month after that. There’s probably fine print somewhere but it’s not meant to be readily visible. I will not trust ANY developer that tries to pull this garbage on people.

Just delete it

App bait and switch under FALSE PRETENSES. Update merely labelled "bug fixes" replaced app with new app w/ subscription and other undesirable features. Many were hoodwinked. This is bad behavior and not accidental. Friends, don't just complain. These people did something wrong and are never going to give you back what they connived from you. Make your fed-upness with this kind of behavior make a difference -- leave a review of your dissatisfaction and DELETE the app. I assure you, your upsettedness will not matter to them if you stick with them anyway. DELETE. [Update: Dev Response below fails to address the substance of this review. Sadly, this is not surprising.]

So confusing

What is with this new upsell, I hate this. Just looking to use the product I paid for but now am inundated with prompts for me to upgrade to another product. Super annoying!

Automatic renew??

Where can you go within this app to turn off the automatic renew??

App freezing

The app hangs in limbo when trying to purchase the full version. Would like to give it a fair rating if it’s able to work.

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