Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina

Doesnt work on iPad 4 Retina


Efekty jakie można stworzyć dzięki tej aplikacji są naprawdę niesamowite, nie żałuję, że ją kupiłam, bardzo prosta w obsłudze, już po 5 minutach można samodzielnie tworzyć przepiękne animacje ❤️

Would love to give five stars but.....

This app is awesome and I would love to give it five stars if it weren’t for their customer service which is totally in the toilet. I am a book cover designer by trade and bought both the Phone app and the desktop for $99. Phone app worked great but limited. Desktop doesn’t work at all and in five days I have called seven times and sent 10 emails, no reply. If I ever treated my customers this way, I wouldn’t have a job. I have written to PayPal asking for a full refund of my money and I’m very disappointed in the lack of support. Maybe they can call me and fix the problem and then I can reconsider changing this to a five star review. I’m doubtful. Whoever Kennedy Plota is, she should resign in the customer service area. If she’s the app designer, great but then hire someone to take care of her new customers. Aloha right back at ya, Kennedy!


So easy and so much potential in this app. Can only go upwards. It would be way cooler if we could have audio behind it.

Was great. Now just frustrating

This was a great app. Simple to use and great to share and recommend. Then they updated it and added a bunch of crap to try to compete with instagram. Get a clue. You made a great tool why wreck it to be a small bad photo sharing network where no one will see your work? Hiding the main features of the app behind a confusing interface designed to force users into areas of the app they never wanted is rude.

Robbery! 😡

They took my monthly subscription & I get nothing but a notice telling me to subscribe. Do Not Purchase! 😡

Great fun

Animating photos feels really easy and natural. The best results come with photos with a lot of sky or water in them. I only wish that the layout of the app is but more intuitive. I usually care only about Plotagraph, I’m not that interested in PLOTAVERSE; so I would like to more easily get to Plotagraph.

Definitely download

This is by far the best app I’ve downloaded this year. Especially using the photos from my Canon!!! I love it


So this app cost me $40.00 for a year. Then a month later, it tried to charge me another $40.00. Thankfully for me and unfortunately for the developers, I was insufficient in the wallet, so they couldn’t rip me off.

Love this program!

I really enjoy using this App both on my Computer and on my iPad. It’s very user friendly, and I love the effects you can apply to your creations. Truthfully, it was the hummingbird effects that actually made it where I had to have this App. I fell I love with those birds and I was hooked. It is my favorite App to use, and I had to get PlotagraphPro on my computer because I really love doing Morphs. I previously used another program to do morphing with, but your version beats all others hands down.

Get rid of the watermark

The watermark ruins this entire thing, stop trying to advertise it’s just an ugly feature, no one appreciates it... the best kind of advertisement is to have a great product


After a free trial it automatically start charging My iTunes account credit card. Though it would be only one time purchase but they charge me every 20 days. Not worth the money and there are plenty FREE apps that do the same but only offer Ads on it.


I got this app for a month to use and had no intentions of renewing it since I only used it once. I went back and looked at my subscriptions and they have been taking money out every month, renewing without telling me, and there’s no way to cancel it. Scam!!!


Esta exelente

Problem fixed

My problems are fixed now. This is a great app again 👍🏻😃


How do I cancel my subscription. I didn’t realize it would charge me for 6 months at one time.

Must buy !!!!!!

Editor best dream or photographer try it for yourself trust me learn

No customer service

I was so excited to try this app but it won’t stop charging me $5 a month. I reached out to customer service and received no reply. Would really appreciate help stopping these charges or at least the option to buy for the year :( - I emailed on July 24th at the email you provided. No reply still....I would like a refund.

Love it!!

This app is so much fun and really ads life to your still photos but also allows you to capture that moment as if you were there. “Stills in motion”. It’s a lot of fun and interact too.

Please may I have more than three overlays?

Hi, I’ve been using this app for awhile now. I am a yearly subscriber on iOS. I used to be able to have up to 10 overlays. For some time now, I am only allowed 3. I never had any problems with adding up to 10 overlays on my iPad mini before, so why am I restricted to only 3 now? I still use the app, but it is very limiting. I have been in touch with plotagraph, but am not satisfied with the responses. Just give me back my 10 overlays and I’ll be a happy camper. J Daniel Paxton


Seems a bit confusing finding the yearly membership when registering for the app, it only defaults to $4.99 monthly... had to cancel and try several times before it generated the yearly option. Other than that, I’m super excited to try it!

Don’t do it!

This was a great app at first. The app let you some dope things to you pics, however they lure you in with a nice hey try this out for free. So I tried it out and it NEVER mentioned that it would be $4.99 monthly membership and even worse I could not find out how to cancel it! It should not be this hard to cancel something that you never asked for! I am waiting to hear back how in the world to get rid of this thing. So not worth paying $5 bucks a month for people who make it EXTREMELY hard to get rid of!!!

Please help

I love the app but my subscription was not set up as an annual one and I have sent repeated messages. No one replies. Cancel my membership. What a shame.


I hate the fact everything is going subscription let me buy it out right. Until you change one star it is, I hope more people join on.

Love love love this app but question?

I followed the unlock all features option and saw the PLOTAVERSE website link. I then visited the link on my desktop. I opted to pay 99.99 for a year. Upon using the interface I saw an option of Pro plus. What would that be. Also, since I e paid the 99 yearly fee does that also unlock the FX’s for the app through the Apple store on my iPad? It doesn’t seem to even though I’m logged in to my same account on both? Well I emailed you as you asked. It I still have yet to receive a response.

Nothing short of spectacular

Welcome to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I am no photog expert, just a mom with some photos that just needed a little pizzazz (looked it up, it’s a word), so I decided to give this app a whirl. And it spun me right round baby right round. Started using it 10 minutes ago and I already have 2 professionally looking photos with some added motion. Try it you won’t regret it!

Great program

It is worth the money. Love this app!

These updates... I can’t...

You guys are killing me with these updates. My edit board disappears... mobile “like” still broken. No one ever answers my emails for help. Still waiting for a message block feature guys.

Nothing works

I am an expert at adobe software so I didn’t think that there would be any issue. Nothing works. I am trying to animate my photos and the only option I can find is placing a moving image on top of my image. They advertise movement and then don’t show how to do that.

Rip Off alert - Deceiving subscription practices

BEWARE- if you have an online Pro account ($99) it says you get full access to apps and features. When you try to access additional features, like FX, from iphone and you get hit up for another $36 a year subscription. Not cool, requesting cancelation and refund. Buyers beware!

Love this!

I can’t believe this actually works! Please try it out, this is so much fun 😊


Not intuitive

Big fail!

Just noticed I was charged five dollars after the upgrade. Something I never authorized and I feel was a sneaky practice by the developers. Consider this app deleted and good luck with your overpriced app. July 1, 2018 - 1. Responding back months later shows the lack of dedication to your customer base and attention to detail. Then trying to put it back on the user by trying to tell them where the subscription settings is pathetic when in reality the update to the software enable charging the fee by default without notifying the user. Shady is putting it lightly. Way to own the issue- I’m sure other users will see right though your ridiculous response. 2. I was a user before you went to the subscription model. Then when it was pushed as an update it never prompted me to change my plan or be charged.


It’s an amazing app I love it!

Can’t end subscription

Went to settings with the intent of cancelling subscription and there is no way to end. Sent an email to which I have got no response. PLEASE END MY SUBSCRIPTION!


Great application for anyone into cinemagraphs. I love it!

Uploads blurry on Instagram using built in setting and custom. Otherwise great!

As said above. So many great things to love about this app. I mainly use it for IG and all my uploads come out blurry.

Very easy to use

If you are not that familiar with how to edit a picture this app helps a lot with that.

Can't restore purchases

I bought this app a long time ago and paid a full price. Yesterday I decided to update it to the latest version on my iPad Pro. All of sudden I have their watermark logo that I'm unable to get rid of. Yes, I used their restore option and received 'your purchases have been successfully restored' but it was not!!! I emailed the developer my request to assist me…still waiting for his reply. I don't want to pay for the feature that I have already own. I don't like how this app looks now either. Too clanky and confusing. I won't pay subscription fees either. It's the latest trend when developers redesign their apps and customers are stuck with apps that are no longer usable unless they're willing to pay exuberant subscription fees. Very disappointed!!!

Not every Month!

I would buy this app ought right, but I would never pay a subscription for something I would not use all the time.

Too expensive

This app would be great as a one time purchase but I’d never pay a monthly fee for it

This can change to 5 stars...

I love the app! It’s awesome! One of the best! I like it so much, that I am willing to pay the sub o five bucks a month! Why not 5 stars then? I’m glad you asked. I give it 1 star because even though I am subscribed, it pesters me to upgrade to a paid level. I am already on the monthly level, and the app even lets me know that when I hit the upgrade button, but somehow it’s not recognizing the fact that I’m already a paying subscriber. Please fix this! Until then, I’m hold the other 4 stars hostage.


Love it! Can’t wait to create more and more with the app!


This is the first time I rate an app with 5 stars! It’s really amazing 😍

Fun but subscription issues

This is a fun app, but it’s difficult to get them to stop charging you if you want to quit. Never again will I fall for the 3 day trial. I was charged right away! No option place after 3 days to cancel! Very hard to get ahold of someone! Buyer beware!


I have had plotagraph pro since long before the app was available. Even did some beta testing, pre release. Love the app but dang... I really don’t want to pay more money to access everything I already can on my computer!!! T. Please help!

Getting expensive

Used to be amazing... now it’s very expensive..


So cool I like it so much

Holy 54it

This is an awesome app!

Thank you for the separation

I did like the photograph. I did not like the heavy hand on being more or less given no choice on PLOTAVERSE. I am not interested in apps that require a subscription. However just to be clear I would gladly pay a $1 for every upgrade. I,would gladly pay the price over again as what happened when iOS 11 knocked out all those old apps. I am happy to pay for new features that I want, not "thrilling extras" I didn’t want the app overly complicated with but I think the App Store can do without. So thanks for giving me back what I pad for. You see I also raised the stars.

Photo sharing

The app is great but it won’t let me share it to my IG or FB is there anyway this can be fix?

Love the App

I’ve worked through over 300 projects on my phone, pad and Mac. New animations are added regularly and I am constantly inspired. I had some issues when I first started. Most of my problems came from unfamiliarity with the app. More tutorials would help and I have been told they are coming. For the phone and pad app I would like there to be a pull-up panel selection for effects instead of the single row of effect thumbnails. It will be fun to experience the ongoing evolution of the Plotaverse software. Great app and wonderful community of artists.

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